Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Nothing to do with Hank Marvin

...just in case that's how you've found us!
No, Shadow Shows is an audio-visual performance incorporating triple-screen film projections with a live score and sound effects. Somewhere between experimental cinema, music performance and installation. With a bit of smoke-and-mirrors shadow theatre. 
   And us is myself, Film Ficciones, and cult experimental music group Pram. We've worked together previously on short films, music videos, installations and live shows since 2003 - and in a future post hopefully there will be a few words from those enigmatic purveyors of telemetric melodies, with their view on the making of this show. If I can only coax them out of the shadows...
   For the most part though I shall be mainly posting background stuff about the work and its' development, including the people and places which have had an influence, as well as photos and documents to illustrate the process. We've been working on Shadow Shows for almost two years, including a pilot version for Supersonic Festival (UK) and a residency at Schlachthof Arts Centre in Germany - much more on that to come. 
   Right now though, we're preparing for our first performance proper as the opening event of Flatpack Festival on 23rd March 2011. Details and tickets from the Flatpack website.

We're really looking forward to it as the date approaches...exactly a month from today!

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