Saturday, 21 May 2011

Camera Obscura

We have been asked to perform our show at Edinburgh International Film Festival, as part of a strand called "Soundtracks" curated by Domino Records.
   This is particularly exciting for me, as I grew up in that city and have very hazy, half- imagined memories of it's narrow passageways and cobbled streets - and it's famous Camera Obscura.
   For years I believed I had dreamt up this phantasmagorical device, vividly recalling images of a very steep and narrow winding staircase leading to a high tower-room, with an enormous glowing disc magically suspended in the centre. That is, until re-visiting the city in my late teens and realising I must have been taken there as a very small boy.
   There is a terrific short story with that name by English writer Basil Copper, also set in Edinburgh. It was adapted for Rod Serling's TV show Night Gallery in 1971 - the year I was born! Copper was published by August Derleth/Arkham House, the famous home of H.P.Lovecraft, and did in fact contribute some notable tales to the Chtulhu Mythos. He was also known in the 70s as one of England's leading film collectors.
   Tickets are now on sale for our show on June 23rd at EIFF, where we'll be playing in the historic Teviot Row House Debating Hall.